The Gift of Love

Loving Kindness ProjectPlease enjoy the ninth story in our series, “The Loving Kindness Project”:

Looking back on my life and the journey with breast cancer the last two years, I thank Jehovah God every day for the very wonderful, caring persons he sent into my life during this time and who will remain in my heart forever.
These people include my Doctor and surgeon who told me he will personally make sure I will be alright and to not to worry about anything, Jan and Debbie who showed so much love to me in helping me and still do in various aspects of my recovery; Cancer Support Services assisted financially in my treatment and that alone was a huge burden off my mind as I was unable to work and was very sick.  I was given food vouchers by Cancer Support Services as well.   Looking at it all, those blessings given to me made my recovery very easy.  The Nurses and Doctors from the Oncology Department showed lots of care and love towards me and still do so.

Being diagnosed with the illness, I sadly found out that some persons close to me stayed away but called sometimes, and then some of my friends from many years ago came and showed so much love, it was heartwarming.  There were new friends who encouraged me during my rough times.

In this most trying time of my life I will always be thankful and grateful to so many others who gave and continue to give lots of support and love in their own way.  The Streats who cooked for me every day during my treatments and when I was feeling very sick; Lionel & Marcelle who cooked healthy foods for me on a regular basis and prayed with me on mornings, helping me to regain my strength.  I also want to thank Ian & Dave who showed love and care by financially helping me to move into the apartment, as I was not working and was also sick at the time.  Anthony took me to the Hospital everyday and returned me home, made breakfast many mornings, cooked for me and is always there for me. And there is Vernon, who made breakfast for me one morning when I was very sick.  Ira & Basil took me in their home many days and nights and looked after me after receiving chemotherapy treatment and feeling very ill, feeding me in bed and making sure I ate something. Cynthia, Joyce and Hazel cooked food and assisted me in many ways helping me to recover.  Martha & Reg who showed love to me by praying, assisting me financially throughout my illness and giving spiritual guidance and encouragement at all times; Darnley who called many mornings to pray with me and give encouragement; Shirley and Sonia who are close to me, thanks for all the love and for calling everyday twice a day to check on me. David and Karl who care so much for me–they would drive from St Lucy every Saturday to spend time with me and still do, assisting me with food, cheering me to smile and calling me every week to check on me, Nurse Jean who gave me my injections everyday as part of my treatment, and Sonia who called everyday to give me encouragement.

I thank God for all of these wonderful people who have changed my life in a better way to give love to someone in need.

Jehovah Bless You all.