My Journey

Loving Kindness ProjectPlease enjoy the eighth story in our series, “The Loving Kindness Project”:

My journey with cancer began when I was first diagnosed on the 8th of September, 2011. Later, on October 21st, 2011, I was blessed to receive a wonderful team of doctors who performed my surgery. I truly thank God for them and the first class treatment I was given.

After I was discharged from the hospital, it was on to the next step and that was whether or not to get chemotherapy. The decision was made and I was to start the treatment in February 2012. Approaching the last days before my first treatment I became very emotional and did not want to take it. I became very ill and so my friend Sherida came to my rescue and decided to call a counsellor for me. Deiann held my hands and we prayed together, then she educated me on the “ups and downs” of my treatment. She continued regular check-ups by calling to see how I was coping.

Throughout my diagnosis and treatment, family became a vital priority as it should be, nevertheless and I must say that my five children were the sunshine of my life. They put up with all my mood swings and negative words.

Life takes so many unexpected detours and it’s amazing to see those new souls that come into your life at these given, unwanted times. Through this path, I also met a beautiful young lady by the name of Roberta, who helped me in my time of doubt. She was a gem. She took me by the hand and walked and talked to me about my doubts and fears. Finally I was able to accept the fact that I must continue the chemotherapy and with God’s help, my children, friends and family, I can testimony today that I made it through.

Being a strong believer in Christ and walking the Christian walk has strengthened my Christian ways and outlook on life. My commitment to God and most of all my faith has helped me endure my journey. As a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, I want to mention the support of the members. They were very supportive in the difficult months of treatment and I thank them all for the kindness and love they showed me.

While taking chemo I met three wonderful ladies and two of them belonged to Cancer Support Services. They encouraged me to join the Support Group and I am happy and very proud to be a member now. Jan and Debbie were very supportive of me and they helped me in more ways than one. They helped me financially, spiritually and emotionally and I would encourage anyone who is going through this ordeal to come and join the organization.

There is a very special gentleman that I must mention in my story. He was my angel on earth and I know God put him there for a reason. From the time I was diagnosed, he was there for me 100% and I must let him know how much I love and appreciate all that he has done for me and my family. Mike was there to take me to the hospital and also when I was discharged. Every appointment, he made sure I kept. Told me what to eat, what to drink and a day didn’t pass without him calling to hear how I was doing. He made me smile even though sometimes I was miserable. I used to call him Dr. Mike because whenever he told me anything about my diagnosis or treatment, it was the same thing my doctor would tell me.

Having cancer is not a death sentence. I know this because it has happened to me as I carried on with my chemotherapy to the bitter end; which, now as I look back, I can purely smile and believe it happened for a reason. This experience has made me a stronger believer, and it was truly worth it all.

Having all these helpful characters along with God’s grace in my life has made me a very brave woman and I would like to repay this gratitude in helping others the same way in which He did for me. Through talks and sharing my experience with the community, I hope and believe that my story will help them to know that there are people and organizations out there that can help them. I truly thank God for all the doctors, children, friends, family and prayer warriors for helping me arrive this far. It was a rough road to travel but it was worth it all. I am now going for my monthly check ups and appreciating life more and more each day because God is a truly an awesome God!