I Salute You, A Poem of Appreciation

A poem of appreciation from Tyrone Marshall, husband of one of CSS clients;


The stress, the strain, the agony, the pain

Watching my love ones’ life, wither, just wane

God send me an angel, for Father you see

I’m losing the fight, support l need

Cancer Support Services to my rescue, it came

Emotional, Spiritual, Physical help, it rained

From ointment to ease her body so sore

To bed, wheelchair, walker and so much more

Counseling I received, just letting me know

That God’s guidance and comfort He shall bestow

As the Pastor spoke, hope swelled in my heart

A new mental course, l was able to chart

In the sessions of counseling, encouragement came

I left buoyed up, those inner beasts, learning to tame

The financial worries Ms. Lynton allayed

Saying, “Sir don’t you worry, your debts will be paid!”

So in awe l stand at this awesome group

Cancer Support Services, I salute you