Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2016

Hymns My Mother Taught Me took place on May 8th 2016 at the First Baptist Church.

Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2016
More pictures form the event can be seen Here

Some video footage from the event is featured below.


Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2016 was another awesome production and truly an evening well spent. As such Cancer Support Services is indeed grateful to those who contributed to the overall success of the event;

Colombian Emeralds
Tiami Catamaran Cruises
Heather Harrington Jones The Private Jeweler of Barbados
Sab Shan Sadie School of Beauty
IGM Stage Lighting Inc.
Print and Electronic Media
Ms. Sherry-Ann Waithe
Platinum Port Agency Inc.
Michael Greaves Associates
TECH 9 Crime Prevention, Security and Bailiff Services
Mrs. Heidi Bowen – Moden Makeup
Ms. Angela Sealy – The Stylist
All persons who sold tickets
Ms. Shellaine Bourne
Minister Stephen and the Combined Choir of First Baptist Church
The First Baptist Church Production Team
Mrs. Francia Leacock
Rev. Paul Leacock and the entire Leacock Family
And all other persons who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

THANK YOU! To all of those persons who came out and supported the cause.