Cancer Support Services Executive Council

President – Mr. Henderson Griffith
Vice-President – Mr. Gay Bowen
Secretary – Ms. Pamela Goodman
Assistant Secretary – Mrs. Erleen Waithe
Treasurer – Mrs. Adalia Agard
Assistant Treasurer – Ms. Brenda Robinson
Public Relations Officer – Mr. Antoine Williams

Floor Members
Mrs. Francina Springer
Ms. Carmen Taitt
Ms. Rhonda Farley
Mr. Samuel Deane
Mr. Curtis Marville

Executive Director – Ms. Janette Lynton
Administrative Assistant – Mr. David Howard

Our Aims and Objectives


  • provide voluntary service to persons diagnosed with cancer.
  • do such things in the field of cancer care, as the group may deem necessary.
  • assist all persons through education and counseling to make decisions relating to their basic physical, social, mental and spiritual needs.
  • offer, without discrimination, assistance to patients with cancer and their relatives, and any other persons with a chronic disease who may seek help from this charity.