Living with a Cancer Diagnosis

Loving Kindness ProjectPlease enjoy the third story in our series “The Loving Kindness Project”:

As a somewhat anti-social person, I did not immediately notify anyone of the dreaded diagnosis.
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I am a Survivor

Loving Kindness ProjectPlease enjoy the second story in our series “The Loving Kindness Project”:

Three years ago I was told four words I never thought I would hear.  “Yes, you have cancer”.
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Stronger, Grateful, Confident

Loving Kindness ProjectI am a 35 year old female who was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in 2013. It started with a small lump in my right breast, which my doctors felt was benign and not to be concerned about. However, after eighteen months and several ultrasounds, I had a compelling notion to have it removed, despite the continued reassurance from my doctors. Read more..

The Loving Kindness Project

Loving Kindness ProjectThe Loving Kindness Project is a collection of true and heartfelt stories written by members of the Victorious Ladies Support Group of Cancer Support Services.  The stories tell of acts of Loving Kindness each woman received from friends, family members, co-workers, employers, communities and organizations throughout their diagnosis, treatment and survivorship of cancer.
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