I Salute You, A Poem of Appreciation

A poem of appreciation from Tyrone Marshall, husband of one of CSS clients;


The stress, the strain, the agony, the pain

Watching my love ones’ life, wither, just wane

God send me an angel, for Father you see

I’m losing the fight, support l need

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Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2017

Hymns My Mother Taught Me, now in its 4th year, was held on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14, 2017 at the First Baptist Church, Constitution Road.

What an awesome evening spent at FBC!

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Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2016

Hymns My Mother Taught Me took place on May 8th 2016 at the First Baptist Church.

Hymns My Mother Taught Me 2016
More pictures form the event can be seen Here

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How I Benefited From Counseling

“Before I get to that I will first have to give a brief summary of how I came to need counseling. On April 30 (a Thursday), I was told that I have breast cancer. Having lost my mother and a sister to cancer, I was devastated and in shock. On the fifth day after my diagnosis, I finally calmed down and called Cancer Support Services. I was invited to visit the office where I met Jan Lynton who put me at ease immediately and she allowed me to tell my story. I was asked if I would like to receive further counseling and I readily agreed. Read more..