A Blessed Service

Loving Kindness ProjectPlease enjoy the tenth story in our series, “The Loving Kindness Project”: A blessed service this is, I appreciate what you are doing for me and others like myself! Upon being told that I had begun a journey with cancer of the rectum, I was wondering where I could get help and support from whilst going through this time. Then it was mentioned to me that I should try Cancer Support Services, on Belmont Road, St. Michael, not knowing what to expect I went to see them.

Upon speaking to the Executive Director of the organization, I realized that they are willing to go all the way for those persons who are in need of such assistance, to counsel patient and family on the best way to go, as well as offering help with food etc.

I was told that they have been doing this work for 18 years, I would like to make an appeal to all who can to please help in any way possible, as none of us can tell when it will be us in need of their assistance, I for one pray that the Good Lord will grant them all of God’s blessing that they would not be able to contain.

I say thanks to those at Cancer Support Services, for the help and love you have shown me, as you have gone beyond what I expected, while showing more commitment, letting your word be your bond, as others have said they will help and never did. Yet you came through!

Praise be to God